About Us

Component Coffee’s mission is to build connections in our communities by creating extraordinary experiences.

Our company was founded in 2017 by a few friends who loved their community and wanted to offer something great to them. Coffee and culinary arts are our love languages, and we obsess over creating wonderful experiences with them, believing that coffee can be a catalyst that binds a community together in a very special way. 

While we serve in our cafes, ship coffee to guests at home, sling coffee from our catering cart, and supply our wholesale partners, we work hard to deliver high-fidelity experiences all day, every day. Come and see what we’re all about!

Our Values


We work closely with a few ethically-minded brokers to ensure that all of our coffee is responsibly sourced, so that producers get their fair share. We source specialty-grade coffee, roasting each origin to develop clean, sweet, and long-lasting flavors.


The way to the heart is through the belly. That’s why we’ve spent countless hours of schooling and perfecting our food menu to create unforgettable breakfast plates and goodies.


We believe that people only thrive while in community, and that everyone deserves to have a place where they belong. Our team works hard to create positive and welcoming places to make connections above transactions.

Meet The Owners

Mikayla Reyes, Jonathan Anderson, Greg Amend, and Miguel Reyes built lasting friendships around many cups of coffee, and continue to follow suit as partners. Their hope is for Component to continue to spark lasting friendships and connections in their communities. Don’t hesitate to say hello if you see them at any of our cafes!